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Tips for Decorating with Throw Blankets


Throw blankets forms the common decoration to house fittings. A throw blanket is medium sized with varying sizes, designs and fabrics. It is different from other blankets since its edges are fringed making it a more decorative accessory used in a home decor. They are add-on that style makers find attractive due to their splashy color and pattern. They are meant to add warmth to a room and their lightweight characteristic makes their usage easier for they can be swathed anywhere. This achieves a fantastic look if well spread to reduce the sloppy appearance. The following tips are employed when decorating with throw blankets:

Fuzzy blanketsFuzzy blankets are a best choice for a quick nap or settling in for a restful night. Display it over your couch or at the end of your bed for a decorative touch. Fleece blankets are curled up for a relaxed, soft and comfy feel during the winter chills, for family warmth.

Drape, fold or cascade. Draping or folding a throw blanket usually depends on the piece of furniture in the house and the kind of material one is working with. Throws made of fur are meant to be messy and so draped in pile on ottomans, beds and on love seats. To display a corner style, fraizers are used. They are folded lengthwise then in a half and angled on a cushion’s corner edge. Then it is placed down in the midst of a chair or sofa.

Switch them out regularly for a decor refresh. Throw blankets are can be easy and a cheap way of updating various home decor. They create a calm way of changing up your space for the holidays and just for new seasons. Clean those according to the manufacturer’s directions then roll them like a tissue for easy storage.

Use throw blanket over the arm. For thin throw blanket, the easiest way of draping is to fold them length wise and drape it over the arm of the chair or the sofa. This is often regarded to be a waiter style.

Colorful back cushion design. Throw blankets are a great deal of adding color to a neutral furniture. To refresh the living room decor, get creative and drape one or two throw blankets over a sofa or chair by folding it lengthwise. Tuck it under the seat cushion to keep it in its desired place.

Throw blankets

Use on throw blanket per room for decor purposes, and ensuring the extra throws are neatly wrapped and stored in a linen basket for later use or rotation.

Basket beauties for neatness. In situations where several throw blankets for other family members needs to be stored, neatly roll them up and put them in a beautiful accent basket to display a friendly pattern when not in use.

Thinking about wall display? Throws with gorgeous designed should be hanged on the wall to brighten and warm up your room. This is a perfect match for walls not well painted.

Think about head-board throw blanket. Within the bedroom, drape a throw that you always fancy over an upholstered headboard to boost its new appearance.

For protection, a throw blanket serves as a protective barrier on cushions from pets like a cat or dog. The throw blanket keeps the pets off the seats. Throw blankets also cover various imperfections like worn and weary patches on old sofa.


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