About Us

Trendy Household Goods (THG) has come a long way to achieve its uniqueness. We started as a small expedient outlet store. Most of our clients often called us “Mini Mart" since we offered our products in bits. Our goods were classy and easiest to identify in the market. This has made us improve quality hence the name trendy dominates the quality services we offer. We have grown our stores with a bigger margin and by maintaining our close touch with customers, our prices have remained proportionate with our great products. We have special cards to swipe whenever you partner with us.

Basically we source our products directly from reliable suppliers every time possible. We engage in competitive best price bargaining passing the savings to your pocket. For a steady supply to the increasing demand in the market, we purchase in large volumes and contract conveniently the existing suppliers very early to get the best discounts. This has compelled us to charge low prices since every cent we save is directly proportional to a cent you save. It is not complex. We highly focus on what matters most; that is, countless goods combined with great prices produce high value.

Considering the fact that Trendy household goods are drawn from high quality designs, with friendly prices, it regularly makes logic to our clients′ affordability question why we charge low compared to other related brands. This phenomenon has easily and effectively convinced new customers to our various stores. With our expert sales team, you can be assured of satisfaction either by visiting our various outlets or browsing through our gallery online. The ordering is also simple and free delivery is guaranteed irrespective of the geographical distance, thus our customers definitely feel at ease while making an online purchase of our Trendy household item.

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